Best Link Building Strategy Guidelines

Currently SEO Optimizer has the highest number of quotes on the link building. Because the search engines are constantly throwing in such a barrier, the link that the Optimists are struggling to build. The optimizer can not understand exactly what process is going to be inside the search engine system. As a result, many sites fall out of search engine updates.

You have definitely come to read my writings to overcome this fear. That means to build links in your keywords correctly. Yes, you may not have been in the wrong place. That’s why I write today because you can move forward correctly.


Warning: Those who are searching for the backlink list or directory listing Blah, Bla, Bla, Bla …, I do not have this article for them. So if you are thinking about this, then close the tab from the browser right now. The right and the natural way to advance. You have to make trouble to get something good.

Fever blog backlink

If I say SEO for Gig, then Fever is a dirty place. It may be that you’ve got ideas from the point of view before reading my writing. Fever 99% SEO Giggle Fraud But inside you get 1% gig who can afford to meet your real needs.

When I buy backlink gig from Fever, I only find one type of gig, that is, who will actually give me a link to the constrictive link from his site. There is no type of link wheel, link pyramid or link heggasone service.

Provide content yourself Because you have purchased Just Constantial Backlinks. So,

  • You do not have to follow the guest posting guideline.
  • You can optimize your keywords like yourself, in content.
  • In the content you can give the link as you like.
  • And your post will be published according to the service. That means there is no problem staying in pending.

So try to give content manually. But how to find now those golden giggles? I’ll give some search fields, let’s get it.

“I will post your content”

“guest post on my”

“I will post your article”

Directory Domination:

I’ve noticed most of the time. Everyone says the directory is dead. Yes, everyone has reason to argue. Because there was a news that Google has de-indexed 100 directories . But what actually killed search engine directories?

Answer: No, the directory is alive !!

It’s from my personal experience. If you submit to the correct directories, then it will work for your site. Because Web Directory is an old method of search engine optimization.


Harrow is an excellent method, from which you can stack the back of the rocker back from the author news site. The process that will get backlinks from Harrow

  • Register in Harrow
  • Everyday you get 3 mails from Reporter You can take a look at the pictures below.


  • Respond with your credit. But of course, it is informative. Prepare it in advance.
  • After you respond, the reporter will publish it with a link.

Note: If you are working on this strategy, however, will continue. Do not sleep Because it will help you to build a deadly backlink. That’s out of your mind .

Testimonials or praises:

Any big or small company always wants its customer’s love or testimonials. If you use a product or service, and if you like it, then you should give them your Testimonials.


When you give your Testimonials, they will give all your information to the truth. So that other customers could understand that testmani was taken from a right person. So, without asking any questions, they will add your website to their testicular section.

Generally, you can see the Testimonials given on the site’s home page. So if you give Testimonials, you can get a powerful backlink from the home page. Usually when I see an authorite site linking Testimonials, then I buy Testimonials from the site. Just get backlinks.

 Blogger Review

If you have a product, such as a software, theme or service, you will need a hyacinth backlink. But in this case you will need to review the bloggers. But how is it possible?

Yes, if you have a little bit of intelligence, then you can get very high quality backlinks. How to do the job, follow the steps below

  • First you need to find out your product related bloggers. Got your product ”  soap recipes”   and search for this kind of word in Google Now.
  • Make a list. Of course, the authority is a blog site. Which can offer you good backlinks.
  • Then send him a mail. I gave the type of mail script below.

Mail Script: 

Hey (site owner name),

I was searching for some homepage soap recipes today when I came across (site name).

Awesome stuff!

Actually, I just launched a guide that teaches people how to make luxury soaps at home. I usually charge $X, but I’d be more than happy to send it over to you on the house. All I’d ask is that you’d consider mentioning it on your blog or writing a review.

Let me know how that sounds.


Your name

Look at one thing here that I tell him to give him a review with my product. I did not ask him to backlink directly to him. And if you used to offer him backlink, he would face two losses, firstly he ignored you because of the reason that you came to spam, that’s why you came for the profile. Secondly, due to the violation of Google Webmaster’s policies, your site may be damaged. So do your work you solve but do an intent.

Donetset in charity

Generally charity organizations that donate them, they allow you to do mansion. And after having many such testimonies in such sites, there is a charitable organization in the online world. So a charity organization does not need to rethink that the website’s authority will be high. So from this type of website that you can belittle the backlink of good quality.

Not too much of what you need to donate. Can not afford 100-500 dollars? I think it’s very small. What do you think, these points are dropped?

I got a backlink from Page Rank 7’s website by donating only $ 12 to my brother. So there is nothing to do with tension. 2 will be profitable. One you are donating Two of you get a high quality backlink. Can you say like sacrifice?

Search field

“donate to us”

“contributors page”

“sponsors page”

allintitle: “contributors”

allintitle: “sponsors”

Audio Sharing Sites:

Search engine optimizers mostly do not use this method. But it’s one of the other powerful methods to get a powerful backlink. And here’s a very easy site to get backlinks. Going to the sites of different types of audio sharing, upload some audio or some of your records. Place your website there to give it. Apart from this, you can easily create backlinks from here. And of course, do-follow them.

Now, if you think that if you start to spam, then the sunshine will banned your account with your IP. So be careful. Everything will be natural.

Some audio seats (PR6) (PR7) (PR5) (PR5)

Google Plus Profile

Do you know that you can backlink to your Google Plus profile? You can get a powerful backlink from Google Plus. Have you ever noticed a page rank in your Google Plus profile or not? Here Mark Cuban  ‘s Page Rank -3 !!! So take a look at Google Plus profile. Be much more beneficial.

.EDU Backlink Resource

We all know that .EDU backlinks is a deadly method for link building. But building this backlink is a matter of great difficulty. We all know it. But if I try a little technically, I think this backlink can be easily available. And you can also get great links.

How to get That’s the question now. If you visit the .EDU website, you can see that there are some helpful resources for their students on those websites. You can write a related content by sending an email to the .EDU site’s author via your resource link. If they think your writing helps, then your campaign succeeds.

Many sites will not approve your link, for which the method that you exclude will be the biggest mistake. If you can get out of 7-8 sites But your campaign succes. Your site’s backlinks will be severely affected by just 7-8 backlinks.

Search field “your keyword” “your keyword” + “resources” “your keyword” + inurl:links “your keyword” + “other sites”

Submit website feedback site

When you search, you will find hundreds of websites where you can take the feedback of your site’s design or layout. If you submit these feedback sites, they will offer you a duplicate backlink.

Some Feedback Site Listings (PR3) (PR5) (PR4) (PR3)

Moving Man Method

It’s a nice way to get backlinks. You can get A-grade contact backlink from here. How to move? Follow the procedure below

  • Find out the old sites. Which are not really online anymore. There are many websites that link sites to those old businesses as a resource. You can find the ocean. Take out the search field below.

Search field 

“keyword” + “out of business”

“keyword” + rebrand”

“keyword” + “has moved”

  • Find out where these sites are actually linking. Various types of backlink checker tools. And list the sites.
  • Now you find out the sites that you mail them to a junk. And inform that the site you linked to is not doing business anymore. In that case you can use this resource link. How to mail.

Junk mail 


I was looking for information on TOPIC today when I stumbled onto your site.

I couldn’t help but notice that you were linking to OLD SITE. As you may have heard, they went out of business a few months back.

Actually, I have a guide on my site that’s really similar: URL.

Might make a nice replacement for the OLD SITE link.



Guest Posting Gig on Twitter

We have a great deal of confidentiality about whether guest postings are approved or not. Because of that, many people do not want to waste an article. It’s normal to actually do this from the list. Generally, this type of problem is to be read from the list.

But if you have a little bit of intelligence, then you can easily find the right guest post site within 1 hour. And it is possible through twitter. Because most of the websites have seen its post on the Twitter Automated Share system. If you search a little bit you can bring those sites out.

Search field 

“your niche” + guest post

“your niche” + guest author

“your niche” + write for us

“your niche” + guest article

Broken Linkbuilding

This strategy is a bit more involved with the Moving Man approach. Its main task is to find your nick relayed broken link. That means finding 4o4 pages. If you can be succussed in this strategy, what is the number of PA and DA increases, maybe you are out of your mind. Using the search field below, you can use the relative knit.

Search field 

“fitness”  + “resource page”

“fitness” + “resources”

“fitness” + “recommended sites”

“fitness” + “links”

This time you find out the broken links using an extension of Google Chrome . Broken links will mark the red water mark. Collect them and send a junk mail to the site’s webmasters. All mail responders may not get positive. So do not miss the strategy. There are many webmasters who will be interested to link your resources to use Broken Link. I’m writing a junk mail sample. I hope congratulations.

Hi (site owner name),

I was just browsing around your resources page today, and among the lists of great resources, were some broken links.

Here’s a few of them:




Oh, and I have a website,, that also regularly posts quality content related to whatever. If you think so too, feel free to post a link to it on your resources page.

Either way I hope this helps and keep up the good work!


(Your Name)

This was the best link building strategy guideline. Hopefully you can easily build link building from now on, as well as protect your site from various updates. If you work according to my guideline. And if you can be succussed according to this guideline, then it will be my writing’s worth. I am hopeful that after you follow this strategy, you can easily rank your keywords in search engines.

The easier it is to read the text as much as I have to write. So your opinion would inspire me to write even more. Hopefully, I can give you something better.

I pray that everyone will be well and be healthy. You will also pray for me. You will see another writing. Stay up to date Allah hafiz.


Shaon Adnan Anik

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