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How To Build Web 2.0 Backlinks Without Google Penalty

Web 2.0 build a web site is very powerful and an off-page SEO and practice. There are many changes in day-to-day link building and changes in Web 2.0 end and hugs have changed. There was a time when it could be used to make web-pages very easily with spin or transcribed content. But that time is no more, because there is a lot of potential for eating penalties in the eyes of Google .

Analyze the site found that the maximum penalty to eat, just a low-quality link building for most of the web sites have been penalaijada. Thin content and low quality links These two are the main reasons for penalties.

Here I will discuss some issues, which may be the victim of your site and next penalty if you do not keep it in mind. The link building is not the way Google does not look good either. Google just wants natural links If they understand that you are linking or buying a site then there are many dangers on the site.

If you look at the following skinshot then you can understand the dangers of paid links.

paid links

And there is a lot of service on Web-link building and it’s a kind of PBN.

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1. Web 2.0 Real Website Lookup

Remember, Google will value you just as much value as you add. For that, taking a little longer time, webbugs will need to hide the look of the real website.

We know that a web-site is not possible to customize 100% like WordPress, but to the extent it can be done, it will be the highest. Below are a screenshot of a web site, see its design.

ideal web 2 site example

Here you can see that there are beautiful menus and there are Mandatory pages. Mandatory pages are meant to refer to these pages, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy and Policy. If you have these pages, then any site seems to be more trustworthy.

The design of the site will be clean and clear. There is no need to use extra color or image media. But do not forget to add the necessary YouTube videos, images.

Use themes for blogs or blog type themes in the theme. A Right Sidebar, Custom Menu and Header Anaf can only customize this

I recommend WordPress and weblie for customization. These two platforms are designed to be designed by the site. Especially WordPress is my very favorite.


2. Only use unique and copyright free content

We all have a misconception that spin content can be used on the Web. It could be used one time. But now it’s not possible to use spin content by tricking Google’s eyes.

Others say that the work is done with a premium spinner. Spinner is free or premium spinner, spinner. So, it is very strictly avoiding suggestions. If you want to write with low quality writers but do not use spin.


3. Link to the authoritative sites, not just your site

Many times, many make the web to take just a lot of links for their site. This is not a good practice. You have to give some time to the authority.

Suppose you have done web-site with Baby Nish. You should give natural links to the big names in Baby Niche. This will increase the flow of trust. This is a very good thing in Google eyes.

My suggestion is to give a minimum of 3-4 links to the content of the authority sites.


4. Do not forget to use the correct media file

Do not forget to add the right images or videos to the right place. This will help to increase your authority.

Especially you can embed YouTube videos. If you have your own video then it will be more awesome.


5. Anchor text and links will be placed naturally

It’s not fair to get more than two links from a Web-to-one content. And the link will be taken from the right angle text. Link to Exact Match Keyword, it is now Spamy Practice.

Try to differentiate between the anchor text and the relation is there.



6. Use different e-mails for each Web site to be created

It is very important to use different e-mails for each site. If not, then a foot print remains. And your penalties can come from footprint.

A personalized suggestion is – Better is not a use to build Gmail and Yahoo Mail web site.


7. Submit all log-in access to an Excel file

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