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Most Common 10 Questions About Adsense And SEO

There are all question with answers about adsense & seo

Question 1 – How much content should be minimam on the blog to become Adsense?

Answer: How much content should be required in the minimums, it has not been fixed in any way. Google wants only quality content and some visitors to visit their ads.

So, Adsense is available only with 10+ quality content.

Question 2 – Are there any issues with the age of the site to get Adsense Approv?

Answer: No, the age of the site does not matter. But I think it is better not to apply Adsense if you do not have 30 days of age.

And the fact is, you can take 30 minutes or even a little more to work on the site, so take 1 to 2 months to minimize.

Question 3 – Content Quality or Quantity What is Needed Adsense?

Answer: Of course, because I have about 250 content on a tech blog and content on a personal relationships tips Mulk blog is 35 only. All of the 35 content is very long and very good quality, as well as those of page-optimized on-page.

Needless to say, the revenue of 35 content is more than 250 content.

So, it can be said that, of course, quality importer. Because if you do not give quality, you can not rank, and if you can not rank, then the key will not work.

Question 4 – Can I run two Adsense on the same laptop?

Answer: If you want to run two Adsense on the same laptop at the same time, then there may be problems. And it’s an illusion, because you can do all your work with an AdSense.

But if the bug is such a problem, you have to run a new one by eliminating it before you can run it, and undoubtedly run it.

Question 5- What is Adsense available on Bengali site?

Answer – G is certainly available. I did not work with the Bangla site anymore, but many of my acquaintances found Adsense in Bangla sites.

Question 6: Can you use plugins to add ads to the site? Which one?

Answer: Adsense’s official plugins are made by Adsense, other plugins can be used and ads can be installed but this is not a good practice. So, refrain from plugins, additional plugins can slow down your site.

Question 7: On page SEO and off-page SEO and which one is the most important?

Answer: Both are equally worthwhile, but in the present time and considering the various blogs in the present time, I think on page SEO and it is a little more useful.

Question 8 – How do you drive traffic to your site?

Answer: I drive traffic to my site, organic, Google is the biggest traffic source after Google, and Kara and Reddit.

Question 9 – What can be achieved by working in the Blogspot?

Answer: Personally suggesting to stay away from it, suggest staying away.

Just do not waste time just.

Question 10 – Which is the most powerful backlink to rank?

Answer: If you can post a guest on the site of more visitors and if the other matrices of that site are good then the backlink is better.

Everyone will ask, you will write the next content from your question, thanks.

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