Earn 1000$ Monthly Through Blog Commenting – Full Blog Commenting Tutorial

Blog comments to those who work with SEO are part of off-page SEO. This is an acceptable medium to create backlinks. You can create backlinks for your site with the comments of other standard blog articles in line with the content of your site. You can easily create a connection with another site through blog comments and can increase your site backlink.

The importance of blog commenting

What are the benefits of blog commenting in real or what traffic comes through or how important it is to SEO, is discussed below:


This is a very important issue, due to which many people like blog commenting. Many of you are complaining about why SEO is not getting traffic on your site even after properly on-page. One reason may be that, your site could not get much authority to the search engine, as far as possible for good ranking.

When you comment on other blogs, then attach it to a link with that site. If there is some dual links in it, then it gives some additional advantages to your site. This means that your pages are likely to be indexed quickly in search engines.


If you are able to do blog commenting correctly, there are likely to be some visitors coming out of it. But if your comment is ‘Thank you!’ Or ‘Really nice post’ national, then the comments will not benefit from anything.

For blog commentary, remember:

  • The blog that you are commenting on, how relevant is the link to your site.
  • Try all the time, first of all to comment.
  • If you have any questions in any post, if you want to add any necessary information to it then you can do it through the comments.
  • Try to make the comments meaningful. For this, write at least four-five lines of a comment.
  • The e-mail you give to the comments is given to the profile image.
  • When you make a comment, it is good to give your name, to promote your own brand. Although many do not like it. Because it is often considered spamming. Again, if your comment is without a name, its content or text is informative, then your comment must be accepted.

Meet other bloggers

By commenting you can create a good relationship with other bloggers. Although it’s a matter of time, because you have to make regular comments and site administrators and co-bloggers have to be noticed. Then you will be able to work in this connection for a long time.

Search Engine Optimization

With blog commenting you can take your SEO work forward. Good quality blog commenting offsource helps a lot. Especially try to get Dofollow backlink. Then you will get some benefit from the search engine. Because when the search engine crawler arrives on that page and you get Duplong link, then it will go to your page through this link and index it if your page is not indexed, and some link juice will pass on to your page.

Usually there are two attributes of a link- Dufalo and Nophlo. Link Juice (refers to the power of a link) is passed through DoFollow Link.

<a href=www.example.com> Do Follow </a>

And if it is a nozzle, then Google bot will not come to your page via this link and link juice will not be passed.

<a href=www.example.com rel=”nofollow”> No Follow </a>

But it is not that there is no need for Nofollow link. You should create two types of backlinks on the site of Dofollow and Nofollow. Because, according to Google’s backlink profile on a site, it will not only be Duflow backlink but also to create Nophlo links.

How to find a good blog for blog commenting?

The first thing you need to do is find out a good quality blog. To say good quality blogs:

  • Be active blogs.
  • Be popular.
  • Some of the best quality writers have to be there.
  • The blog rank rank will be good.
  • If it’s dough, it’s a lot better. But if you have the above qualities, you can do Nophola.


You can search blogs from Google search. In this case you can use these commands for easy searching.

  • site: .com inurl: blog “niche” “leave a comment”
  • “Add comment”
  • “Post comment” Your keywords
  • “Write comment” Your Keywords
  • Your keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

Besides, you can do this with the help of various tools. Such as:

http://dropmylink.com/ Here you will get various blog addresses to easily comment on the blog after signing up for free.

You can also search blogs through http://linksearching.com/.

How do you know that the blog will give DoFollow / Nofollow link?

Before commenting on a blog, take a look at what kind of links the blog will allow you to do. One way to understand this is to open the Google Chrome browser and click Settings> Extensions> Get more extensions. Now in the search box on the left side, click on seoquake> ADD TO CHROME> Add extension. This will add to your Chrome browser.

After that click on the seoquake icon on the top right of your browser and mark it Highlight no-follow.

Below I have given a blog comment section, which is a state of seoquake ADD.

After seoquake ADD, we will understand that this blog site offers some kind of backlink.

Notice, now there is a cut mark on the link here, which is called in English (A link with a Strike Mark). Which means it’s a Nofollow link.

Now if you are the first to comment here, no one has commented before, then how will you understand?

The easiest way is to see some of the previous blog posts. Someone commented on. Then you can understand what kind of backlink you get from here.

What is the demand of marketplace? 

Currently there is a demand for blog commenting, but the price of the fee is not the same as before. Earlier there was a time that you could easily get a dual backlink and for that maybe you got $ 1-5.5 (I myself have done a lot of blog commentary on such a rate, based on an article page page rank of 1-3 dollars Till now), but the golden day is no longer there. The time is different now. If you look at both the work given below, then understand how the current rate of this job is.

The above image is a popular marketplace. Its name is Fiverr and the following is another popular marketplace, named Upwork. But if you understand how to blog quickly, you can earn money through this work.

Because, there is still a demand for the market. You must know some English for blog commenting. Because if your comment is not correct or there is grammatical error, then admin will never publish it. So try to make the blog comment correct, beautiful and linguistic errors.

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