Google is coming with ‘YouTube Go’

YouTube Go

Google has introduced a new app ‘YouTube Go‘ to reach more users. This app is meant for slow Internet connectivity in the areas where users can view YouTube videos with no doubt. According to the technology website The Virgin and The Next Web,

youtube go

This app allows users to save videos offline. This will reduce the cost of their data. As a result, data will cost less than the data that will be consumed by the user, users and offline saved videos can be seen repeatedly without internet connectivity. Users can also share offline saved videos with other users. Google says it’s ‘smart offline feature’

YouTube’s vice president of product management, Johanna Wright, said in a statement: “YouTube is a new app that will give new experiences to the video viewing and sharing of videos of next generation users. Especially mobile users will be able to see their favorite videos repeatedly using this app. But this will not cost them extra data.

Google’s Chief Executive Sundar Picha has written in a statement, “Mobile users around the world are increasing day by day. And that’s the future of the Internet. Users in the areas where the Internet connection slows down will benefit from it ‘.

The app was built keeping in mind the rich populations of large population like India, Indonesia, Brazil and China.

Very soon will be released without the trial version of YouTube Go App. The app will be open for users after the audit.


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