Guest Blogging Tutorial Part 1

Guest blogging is one of the most popular SEO techniques in recent times. If you are a blogger, then you must listen to the word “guest blogging”. Guest blogging is an article written as a guest on another blog. Both blog owners and guest writers benefit from guest blogging. Besides, a backlink will be created for your site. On the other hand, the blog which will publish the article on the blog is also more rich through unique articles. For this reason, now there is a lot of work to create backlinks through the fast tuning in the freelancing sites.

How do you set goals for guest blogging?

Everyone should carry forward with their own goals. Everyone has to admit this statement. Your first task will be to determine what will be done. Always go ahead with the goal of creating a lot of information. Then the author will publish the article in his blog. If you think that this article is not knowledgeable and worthwhile, then you must not read the article. So write something about something new. Modify the old tie, or write it in a new way. Take a look at your article and read it to everyone.

You need to set three goals in the tropical It is –

The audience has to be attracted by your writing – the audience will have to choose specific topics that will interest them. Write something that the audience’s brain commands him to read the whole. If the eye is bowing, then the decision to not read the brain. And eyes always find beautiful things. Therefore, there are a few things you should always remember during writing. Point all the points by pointing out that people feel comfortable reading, If the eyes look beautiful, using attractive pictures in the writing creates an interest in reading the reader’s brain. If you can attract them by your writing, they will become your fan. As a result, they will collect all your things. Share to others. Increase interest in reading. With the number of reader increases.

If they are quality and informative, then they will always wear your writing and find your writing, so that they can establish their reputation as an expert at that particular topic. Unlimited traffic is not available to the audience, no audience will find your good writing. If I give an example, I will say that I am his fan. I have written about him every day.

Just wait while tune his writing. He is the founder of Geniuses blog Mr. Ikram Bhaiya. There are many others who write well, but his writings are the best in my eyes. I would like to go to all the links to read his writings. Likewise, if you are writing a good quality then come to the reader to find your writing, your link will surely come. As a result you’ve got good traffic. Fix his goal.

Make the goal of creating a backlink to your blog or website – According to Google’s recent panda and penguin update rules, guest blogging is a very important way of link building. You can build links for your site by expressing your own writings. This will make your position better in search engines. If you have an idea about the value of the link, you can easily understand how much the value of link building is from a good site. And now the search engine is punishing duplicate content sites, so guest blogging will help protect your site’s reputation.

When you blog on the author site they will help you in two ways. By tuning an Authoritative Site, you are getting a Good Quality Authoritative Back Link, which is very important for your site. You can also become familiar with the blogging community. I personally do this work and I know how much work it is that you can triage. After publishing a new tune on your blog, try to make at least 4-5 high quality authority back links on the tuning permalink.

From my real experience, the Guest Blog is the best. It is possible to create at least 4-5 high quality authority back links on Permalink. From my real experience, the Guest Blog is the best. It is possible to create at least 4-5 high quality authority back links on Permalink. From my real experience, the Guest Blog is the best.

But you should always remember that mistreatment of guest blogging as a link building is wrong. All the things that I said about above are all important. If you think of link build only then your article will never be valid. Otherwise, your article blogger will never accept it. Especially when they understand that your goal is to build links only. Maybe you can publish your writing on some low quality blogs, but it will not be worth it, but in some cases it may be harmful for you.

Guest blogging and article marketing are not the same:

Remember, guest blogging and article marketing are not the same. For guest blogging you will need unique article which also applies to article marketing. But occasionally work with spin content that can not be done at guest blogging. Apart from this, Article Marketing will not only give you anything but links, but guest blogging will help you to create your own brand, reputation, networking without link. So there is no reason to think 2 things one thing. Hope to get good results with guest blogging with good and quality content.

How to find guest blogging easily:

There are some ways to find guest blogging. You can also tell them their sources. If you follow the rules, you may find good guest blogging. We can all search Google. A simple job is to search Google in the code given below.
• “Submit a guest post”
• “submit post”
• “Submit blog post”
• “Add blog post”
• “Submit an article”
• “Suggest a guest post”
You see all the code written with a quotes mark. Quotes are not forgotten by Mark. Google will give us the correct results as quotes by Google for quotation marks. Please note the following picture: –

One of the codes that comes out of the wild card operator (*). Using this code can be used to find guest blogging sites. Using the quotes mark, the results can be filtered out. But this leads to a lot of scams. Many other results were avoided that would have been useful to us. Therefore, the wild card operator (*) can be used in this case. Notice the image below –

There are also some more rules that Google will get to search for. Moreover, the best is to start working on a familiar network. Like your friend has your site related blogs. You can tune the guest by contacting him.

Write more about guest blogging with a few more episodes. The next tune will be a special surprise about guest blogging. There will be special episode of Arining. By which you will succeed if you have general knowledge.

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