What is SEO? Types of SEO, keywords and its importance


What is SEO ?

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

Can you guess the name? If not, then I say.

When you search for something written on Google, then you can see different sites in search results. For example, if you search Google by typing in health tips then first you will get banglahealth .evergreen bangla .com / site. How does this site come to Google’s first page? This is possible only due to the proper application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This work is a little easy to understand. It has many techniques.

So you can understand that SEO is the website’s This means that if you want to do SEO, you need a website, if you want to learn SEO for freelancing, you can do SEO on your client’s site. In this case you do not need any website. But to practice the work you can open a free blog from blogger.com and work with it.

-The main purpose of our course is to learn SEO and work at odesk and freelancer.

SEO in the Types

SEO is basically divided into two parts. Namely:

.        on page optimization

.        off page optimization

Check out the video with this course for more details.

However, before starting onpage optimization and off page optimization, you have to do some work for your site. For example, you have to select the correct keyword for your site. Then you have to tune your site with that keyword. Then when you have a minimum of 20-25 quality tunes on your site, then you might think of SEO on your site.

Keyword Key and its importance

In general, the keyword is the words that are written by someone who gives Google a search. For example, when you need help with your health, you go to Google and go through the health tips and search the words here.

That means if you want to bring your site to Google then you have to select specific keywords for your site. This is very important work.

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Some tools and tips for selecting keywords for the site !

If you want to create a site then you must first decide whether you want to create your site on any topic. Each site is created with this purpose so that it can fetch a lot of visitors daily from Google. And for this reason your site’s keyword selection is extremely important. Now you have to choose a keyword for your site? First of all, you have to find a topic that has been searched by Google every day, but the number of sites related to it is very low. As a result, you can easily bring your site to Google’s first page.

To do this, introduce you to a nice toolbar. Its name is google adword tool bar. With the help of this tool, if you type the name of any topic, Google will show you how many times Google searches every month, how many sites are related to this topic, how much effort you have to make to deal with them etc. To enter the toolbar, first search the keyword google, then click on the result which you will see first. Then login with your google id, then enter a topic at the box, then enter a captcha, for the first time will only give captcha after no longer take longer. Enter enter. Now see magic. Find keywords like your mind.

Choosing a keyword is the most important step in the selection of any site. When you take the job from your buyer, you must first check what the keyword is, then only start the job.

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