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Download Social Network Script Responsive Latest Version 2018

Social Network Script

social network script

You Wan Create Social Network Like Facebook ?
I Wan share Social Network Script here happy

Socila Network Features:

  • News Feed
  • Profiles
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Live Chat
  • And pretty much everything you could ask for is already here.

How to Install ?

–Just Edit File > Includes/Config.php
And upload SQL File to phpMyadmin// Change This With you Mysql Host Details
$CONF[‘host’] = ‘localhost’;
$CONF[‘user’] = ‘xpressmu_lic’;
$CONF[‘pass’] = ‘xpressmu_lic’;
$CONF[‘name’] = ‘xpressmu_lic’;// Change you Domain >
$CONF[‘url’] = ‘http://youdomain.com;

// Change You email >
$CONF[’email’] = ‘notifications@yourdomain.com’;

Dont forget Import SQL Files to You phpMyAdmin !

Demo : http://phpdolphin.com/demo/

Here is SQL Files Dont forget Import to phpmyadmin
Download :

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