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Download the latest version of WhatsApp for computers (32-bit and 64-bit)

Hello Friend, Hope everyone is good. We all use WhatsApp on our Android smart phones, and we all know that there is a desktop version of WhatsApp, and many of us use it. Today I brought you a new version of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Features:

Easy, reliable message exchange

 Send free * messages to your friends and family   WhatsApp sends messages using your phone’s Internet connection so that you can avoid SMS fees.

Keep in touch with group

Keep in touch with people who are more important to you, such as your family or colleagues. With group chat you can share messages, photos and videos with up to 256 people. You can do more without giving a group name, changing or customizing your own notifications.

Continue the conversation

Using WhatsApp Web and Desktop versions, you can control all your chat computers, allowing you to continue chatting using your favorite device.

Talk freely

Voice calls to your friends and family  for free * talk,  if they are in other countries too. And  freeware * You can talk face-to-face with video calls only when talking or sending messages is not enough. WhatsApp uses the phone’s Internet connection instead of your phone’s voice minute, so you do not have to worry about expensive call charges.

Default security system

Some of your very personal moments are shared on WhatsApp, and so the latest version of WhatsApp has created encryption methods from two sides. When encrypted from both sides, your messages and calls will be safe so that you and the person you are communicating with can read or hear only, no one is between, WhatsApp and not.

Document share is also much easier

Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slide shows and more, without email or a file sharing app. You can send documents up to 100MB, which means you can easily get what you need.


Download WhatsApp for Windows Pc 34-bit / 64-bit

WhatsApp for Windows 0.2.5863 (32-bit)

WhatsApp for Windows 0.2.5863 (64-bit)

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