WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin Introduction

Yoast SEO (whose previous name was WordPress SEO by Yoast),

it is currently an important SEO plugin for all WordPress.org users. It is made up of a snippet and real-time pages functionality, which helps a user to work with important issues such as Title: Permalink, Image, Meta Tags and Content.
Yoast SEO Premium Plugin gives you some advanced features and premium access.

 A Redirect Manager
 Many Focus Keys
 Premium Support

Below is a list of all Yoast SEO plugins 

1. Yoast SEO Plugin
2. Yoast SEO Premimum
3. Video SEO by WordPress
4. Local SEO Plugin
5. News SEO
6. Yoast WooCommerce SEO The
use of each of the above plugins depends largely on the category of your website. If your site is either a news portal, then it would be good for you to use Yoast’s News SEO plugin.

Below are some of the important features of this Yoast SEO plugin:

• Post Titles and Meta descriptions: Yoast SEO Plugin lets you easily set the title and meta description of each page. If you want to go down a little bit of the page, you will see that with a snippet editor, it will show you how it will appear as part of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And you can change everything from here too.

You see that this Plugin is notifying you of a specific ‘Focus Keyword’ (here’s the Focus Keyword for your Main Keyword). It is fully recommended that your Main Keyword is properly used in the various parts of your content. From here, you need to understand that these sections of your content are Keyword Optimized.

• Robots Meta configuration: If you want to index or not hide a post or page from your site, Yoast SEO plugin will help you to do this easily.

You can do this using the ‘Advanced’ section of Yoast SEO using Meta Robot Settings. While the above image shows the use of the FOLLOW option, but if you do not want to show the image of your site / any specific page (or not indexing), then you must select NO Image Index using the NOFOLLOW option.

You can also do a specific category, tag or custom taxonomy, by NoIndex.

You can set Open Graph share settings for each category or tag if you want.

This is useful for all category, tag or custom taxonomy.

Canonical: When Google released the first Canonical Element, to separate the original page from the derivative page, the content of which is the same, Google (Yoast Plugin) told developers to create a plugin that would do this, and they did the same. The next time the Canonical Link Element is connected to the core plugin. It started to work well, but it was not just for a single post or page, no category or tag or home page. Yoast SEO This Plugin is able to solve Canonical issues for a single post or page.

• Breadcrumbs: Yoast Breadcrumbs code for many days has been strengthening the Breadcrumbs feature of various themes (including premium). This same code is being used to control the BreadCrumbs feature more effectively due to Yoast SEO plugin. By now you can easily determine the taxonomy of a post. For example: Technology> PC> How To Install Windows 10 From Pendrive. With this you can now easily determine which posts will be a post / category.

Permalink clean up: You / the user must be annoyed, when at the end of the permalink, no / 2 or /? 12 will appear or show all the strange variables with the link. Such as:
https: yoast.com/jp2~e_m ?, this kind of link structure is not search engine friendly at all. And here’s the YomAst SEO Plugin’s Permalink Clean up feature. Now you can set an organized or search engine friendly link structure by marking only a single box, such as: https: yoast.com/tools-details.html

• RSS enhancements: Using the RSS Footer Plugin, you can start a post or at the end of your post. You can add a part of the content to RSS Feed. Yoast SEO Plugin Here’s a step forward and lets you have the opportunity to add content to the beginning and end of the post. Besides, you will have a chance to back up your blog link, which is very useful for you, when many visitors are surfing your blog together.

• Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess: Editing or modifying your robots.txt and .htaccess files is not easy. But you can organize and update this file directly through Yoast SEO plugin.

• Clean up head section: Currently there is the time to install WordPress with WordPress update coming soon

The section is filled with many codes. Thankfully, these codes can be deleted. Yoast SEO tries to keep your cleaning as clean as possible.
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