7 Ways To Make Money Youtube Marketing 2017

There are 7 ways to earn money without YouTube Adsense

Many of us may have the idea that YouTube Adsense can only be made by making YouTube videos. Actually, there is a lot of income from YouTube videos.

Those topics will be discussed today.

So do not play too much, come directly to the discussion.


1. Affiliate Marketing


The main theme of Affiliate Marketing is simple, you have to promote the product of any other company through your video. You will have your referral link in the Descriptio for that product, if a person buys the product by clicking on your video description then you will earn a certain amount of commission as a commission.

Depending on how much the commission will be, it depends on your affiliate program. In my opinion, the Amazon Affiliate Program is the world’s best affiliate program.

However, getting approved in YouTube with YouTube channels is somewhat difficult, but if the video quality is okay, then there is no issue available for Approval.


2. CPA Marketing


CPA or Cost Per Action – a very effective way to earn money online. You can join as a publisher in many types of CPA marketing companies, from there, you can promote those offers by making your favorite videos available with them and making videos that accompany them.

Online Income CPA is a huge market. You can promote your CPA offer through your YouTube video.


3. Sell your own product directly


Do you own a product or sell a product offline? If you want you can make reviews video of that product.

Goodbye keyword, if you can make the quality video, the cell will come. Again, if you think that you will start e-commerce on YouTube, then it will not be a good decision.
Because product review video is a bit of a job done, e-commerce, you have to create content of hugs. It is not impossible to do that, but some incomprehensible.


4. Any local company can add video to


Suppose, you have millions of subscribers and you are quite popular on YouTube. And real life and you have a personality created because of youtube.

If you want, you can get sponsored for your videos.

In such a situation, without the use of banner in the video, it would be wise to promote sponsors by using tricks inside the content or using a script.


5. Monetize Google Adsense


It’s all done, you can join as a YouTube partner. YouTube shows advertisements for advertisers in your video. Among the advertisers who will pay for youtube, a portion of it will share with you YouTube.

There are many rules on how to manipulate youtube videos on YouTube, they must definitely study before they can start.


6. Consulting services provided


If you are an advocate, engineer or dentist type, then you can promote your paid consultancy service on YouTube. Many American professionals do this.


7. You can get Hughes client by promoting your own portfolio as a freelancer


The workplace, fiver, these marketplace days are becoming complex and very difficult. It is a huge task to make an Approving Account Approving. In this situation, if you do video marketing on YouTube by creating amazing videos of your work, then there is a good chance of getting a good client.


Last word

Remember the quality content above all is true if you want to be a successful YouTube. To create good content, you will get a one-time return at a time. Respect the rules of YouTube, you can do something good.

Thank you.

Post Credit: Sofor Ali

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