Youtube Video SEO – How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast

Why should you Youtube Video SEO? Youtube is the world number one free video website. Like in all countries of the world, the number of people in our country is not low, and it is increasing every time. Many are interested in YouTube and are entering the YouTube world.

But even after uploading good quality videos, their video is not properly evaluated, so the viewer’s number is decreasing in their video. To get rid of this confusion on YouTube, I wrote this post today. Hopefully, reading this post ‘will enable you to properly SEO in any of your YouTube videos and evaluate your video properly.

What is Youtube Video SEO?

SEO is the full meaning of search engine optimization. Basically, SEO’s work is to take any content to a good position in search engine results. You can go to a better position in any video search result via Video SEO on YouTube. For the good quality SEO on YouTube, you have to give importance to 3 things, Title, Description and Keyword. If you apply these 3 things correctly, you will be able to take your video to a better position.

Video Title

This is one of the main ways to make a video interesting. If your video title is good, then the viewer will be attracted to your video. To maintain the video title, many cautions should be maintained. Find a title of easy language for your video, all of which can be easily understood. For example, I will upload a video about how to post in mobile with itechtunes, then the title of my video will be “How To Post With Mobile In itechtunes? Take a look! “

Video Description (Description)

Write a descriptive choice for the video. Write the description as it is so that the details of ‘Your Video’ read the details. Avoid writing some reversal in the description. Do not use unnecessary links in video descriptions and try to clearly describe the content of the video. Try to emphasize the video’s description.

rank youtube videos fast

Video Keyword

Be sure to take a video to a better location, the video’s keyword, so be careful to determine the video’s keyword. We often make mistakes in giving the video’s keywords, due to which the video does not get a proper evaluation. Like, I will upload a video about how to post in itechtunes with a mobile, then my video keyword will be “itechtunes, mobile, phone, posting, rules, tips, channel name,” . In this way, if you give the video’s keyword, you will get more response in the video, I hope. 
Hopefully, by reading this post, you will be able to properly Youtube Video SEO and get the proper evaluation of your video. Thank you for reading the post.



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